Multicomponent Reactive Flow and Transport Software


CrunchFlow is a software package for multicomponent reactive flow and transport that was developed over about 15 years by Carl Steefel (now at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory). The software can be used for simulation of a range of important processes and environments, including reactive contaminant transport, chemical weathering, carbon sequestration, biogeochemical cycling, and water-rock interaction.

Users will find that it has many of the biogeochemical capabilities of PHREEQc and Geochemists Work Bench, coupled here with flow and transport in a highly efficient Fortran 90-based computational framework. The use of the Fortran 90 language allows for runtime allocation of memory for arrays, thus minimizing the memory requirements while maximizing the number of options that can be selected at runtime. Using an automatic read of a thermodynamic and kinetic database, the code can be used for reactive transport problems of arbitrary complexity and size.

A more detailed description of the current capabilities of CrunchFlow is provided here.

You can also download a copy of the CrunchFlow manual here (last updated October 12, 2009).

You can download CrunchFlow executables for Windows by obtaining a username and password from Carl Steefel using the contact information below. Please explain briefly in the Email the purposes for which you wish to use the software. Mac and Linux versions are also now available.

Download CrunchFlow

Contact Information:

Carl Steefel

Earth Sciences Division

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

One Cyclotron Road, Mail Stop 90-1116

Berkeley, CA   94720